For the last month, I have been using a MoErgo Glove80 keyboard as my daily driver.

The Glove80 is a wireless, split, mechanical, ergonomic keyboard.

Coming from a standard full size keyboard to the Glove80 has been a real learning curve for me. Prior to using the Glove80, I was not touch typing correctly (I had my own style of typing, using my index and ring fingers, and thumbs) which added to the time it took for me to get comfortable with the keyboard. For the first two weeks, I was super slow typing everything, while I forced myself to touch-type correctly, and at the same time to get used to using my thumbs for more than spaces.

I’m building up my speed and accuracy with every use. During my first two weeks with the keyboard, I was typing a horrible 10 words per minute. I’m now typing a speedy ~55 words per minute, and improving! For comparison, I was typing around 105 words per minute on my traditional mechanical keyboard.

The arrow keys are still a little bit of a pain point for me - as in - I need more practice to get used to the up/down and left/right arrows being split across the keyboard.

The Glove80 I’m using has the Choc v1 White “clicky” switches, which reminds me of the MX Blue switches in my traditional keyboard. I like the sound, and I’m lucky enough to be working from home full time, but I can understand how some people could be irritated with the clicking in an office.

With the online layout editor, remapping keys and adding other cool bits to the ZMK firmware is a breeze. I haven’t played with the online editor too much - I’m using an (almost) default keymap - but I do plan to have more of a play in this area soon.

I have relatively wide shoulders, and with this keyboard being split, it means I can space the two halves out as much as I need to. As a result, I no longer need to keep my arms close together to type like I have to when using a traditional keyboard. Over a long period of typing, this helps to ensure I’m not holding too much tension in my shoulders and neck, meaning less muscle pain.

From a total keyboard rookie, I can see the Glove80 as a game changer. I don’t see myself going back to a traditional keyboard any time soon, they’re just too small!

Here’s a quick pic I snapped (with the rainbow lights shining) after typing this blog out.